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Traya 3.35 - Updates week of 4/17: Easter Event, Vorkath Rework, & More!

2 hours ago  l  Robbie

- Hello Traya Community! I apologize for the delay on this highly anticipated update. But, without further adieu, let's dig right in!

Hoppy Easter!

  • Traya's first ever Easter event is now live! You can start this...
  • Check your progress of this mini-quest in the...
  • Once complete, you will be able to keep collecting "Easter Keys"...

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4/5 Update: HCIM, Group Ironman, & MORE!

15 days ago  l  Robbie

- Hello Traya Community! Very, very big update with some really cool content so let's jump right in, as always!

  • First, I'd like to introduce everyone to my newest development partner, Apollon! He isn't quite like me where he is as active with the community, however he is there in the back end working on things with me. And to welcome himself to Traya, he comes bearing gifts! The following 2 new pieces of content are 100% courtesy of Apollon: HCIM and Group Ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman (btw) rank is the same as OSRS, meaning: If you die ONCE, your hardcore rank is stripped from your account and you are de-ranked down to regular ironman. This has the same XP rate as regular ironman, except it does not have the banking capabilities that the Ultimate safe box offers (yet).
  • Group Ironman: Choosing this mode will teleport you to a waiting room type area where others who choose this new game type will start as well. From there, the LEADER of the group may pick up a scroll from the table in the room, and use it on TWO people who he would like to HIS group.

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3/30 Update: Huge Donator Zone Revamp & More!

21 days ago  l  Robbie

-Hello everyone! I'm very excited about this update, so let's jump right in!

Donator Zones Revamped:

  • Donator Zone and Donator Zone 2 are now both gone, and have been combined into...
  • Fountains located throughout the entire area can be used to teleport...

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