Developer Rob tagtago posted 16 hours ago

Hello Traya Community!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am here to announce the arrival of Vorkath! This fearsome foe will be available to slay on tomorrows update!

Anon awesome!!

Nex comes to F2P!

Developer Rob tagtago posted Sun at 23:30

Hello Traya Community!

I am happy to announce that due to popular demand, Nex will now be available to everyone! This fully working Nex will give you the chance at Torva, Virtus, and Pernix gear! Best of luck, adventurers!

Anon Awesome!

Alert: Traya Community

Zombies are here and Traya is under attack! Do you have what it takes to stop them?

Find out by doing ::zombies and talking to the graveyard guardian! Earn Zombie fragments to spend in an all new shop with some amazing items! How many waves can you survive?

Traya is now LIVE!

Developer Rob tagtago posted Jun 18, 18

Hello Traya Community!

While we are still in "beta mode", the game is now live and any progress made from here on out will be kept! MANY bugs, additions, and hot-fixes have been made over the last week to bring you all the most enjoyable playing experience a server has to offer.

Whether you are brand new to Traya, or have been with us for the last week; do not be discouraged from playing by the currently low amount of players. We are less than 7 days old, so it is quite obvious that we won't have 50 or 100 active players online at all times. There are many of you who currently play, just in different timezones. Our player base will only grow if you login and decide to stick around during the hard times of attracting a brand new player base.

We urge you to consider staying and growing to be apart of the community and not pass us up! We promise, you will not be disappointed :)

-Rob and Mike

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