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10/22 Update

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Robbie    3

-All new Auto Client Downloader/Launcher added! Head over to the website and click the big Download button on the homepage for this brand new feature! Will never have to delete and redownload again! Once you have hit 'Launch' and the client opens up, you do not have to keep the new launcher open. You may exit it once you have logged in.

-Teleport system added in the Magnifying Glass icon tab. The teleport wizard will still be at home, however it does seem to be more convenient accessing teleports anywhere you are at. Just re open your new Launcher for the update to download automatically.

-Chamber of Xeric is back online, however, I highly suggest only doing SOLO raids as there are virtually no bugs. Still working out the kinks with team raids

-Option to 'Jump-Over' the crystal at the end of the raid once you kill olm add. Once you jump over the crystal, you will leave by clicking the stair case. You no longer will have to relog to reset raids

-Task Requirement for Kraken and Cerberus has been removed. You may now freely kill both bosses

. -Trident of the Swamp charges has been fixed. Now requires the correct amount of zulrah scales to charge it, instead of 10x the amount needed.

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