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November Newsletter

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Hello Traya Community! Welcome to the November edition of the Traya Newsletter!

Lots of exciting content in this newletter edition, so be sure to read all the way to the bottom to stay in the loop!

For the month of November, all Donator Tokens will be 40% Off!





There currently remains one SS position open. If interested, please apply here: Application

Staff Changes:


YXfe74s.png Gucci has been demoted due to inactivity




Traya 2.0 is HERE! Read below to see all of the NEW content that you can now login and indulge in!



-Chambers of Xeric raid

-Revenant Caves

-Perfect drop rates

-Superior Slayer foes

-PVM or Skilling daily tasks

-Tons of easy, medium, and hard Achievements/City Diaries with many rewards

-Complete inferno with all waves

-New minigames

-Full Catacombs of Kourend

-Many, many bosses with correctly working combat/animations

-Wilderness resources area

-2 different wilderness bosses similar to the old wildywyrm

-Boss pets and Skilling pets

-Working on-screen timers (for potions, farming herbs etc)

-Monster/Item drop look up -Much more!




December is almost here, Traya Community! Robbie is still taking suggestions for any Christmas events to run in December! Please post any suggestions for these events in the suggestions section of the forums/discord!

Chambers of Xeric is being worked on. Please be patient as we try to iron out all bugs as quickly as possible.

The all new Battle Royale minigame has passed a popular vote and will start being implemented soon! Look out for this rewarding minigame in the near future!

Both Donator Zones will be receiving a revamp this month to fill the empty spaces within them!

Highscores section coming soon!







If you read the newsletter in its entirety, message Robbie with the codeword "mbox!" either on discord or in-game to receive a free Mystery Box!

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